my first post on this blog

(23.8.2012)¬†First post on our new site. Pretty cool. I’ve been working around the first FYA design for some time now, and we’re getting closer to the initial release of “Apiformis Fuzztortion”. It’s going to be the first FYA design, that isn’t a clone. Actually. It’s so loosely based on it’s idol, an existing design, that my mentor didn’t recognize it from the schem i had drawn.

I did doubt myself a lot during the development and testing of the circuit. I took a few weeks of from it at a time and came back to it later. My sonic memories of what could possibly be done better was defined with all those times off the design. After playing with it for the last time before starting the work on the boards, i came to a conclusion. It’s just what i wanted. It doesn’t sound good when you’re running low on your 9V battery. It becomes muddy when the voltage drops under ~8,2V. I know what you’re thinking.. A simple regulator would fix that. I know. But i also wanted to keep the part count and complexity as down as possible. If you’re getting one, i strongly suggest that you use regulated wall wart. I’ve seen many boxes that have “always use a fresh battery” warning in the manuals. This one has that too. I’m pretty proud about it. If running it with lower voltages than advised is the only problem i see on the design.. I can’t be completely wrong.

Enough chitchat for now. I still have hours and hours of work before the first nine Apiformis boxes are out.

P.S. There will only be nine of them. Once those are gone, i’m not building more of these.


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