Apiformis is drawing near.

(7.9.2012) It’s been somewhat busy month. I never could have realized in advance that the biggest problem in building stompboxes would be suitable packaging. Of course i could have 10000 printed cardboard boxes or 1000 at the best. That would take some of the soul away from my chosen unbusinessy model. I currently have no interest in creating stuff that reminds me of mass produced, faceless industrial stuff. My builds need to have soul. And lots of it. Rest assured, i found a way to keep my small scale mentality and still deliver the boxes in cool fashion. You’ll see it when it is the time.

Last night i tested all the boards from Apiformis batch and they sound exactly like they should and all of them worked without any faults. Now we’re at the point where we only have switches and jacks to solder. I think the launch will be in couple of weeks. Oh boy. I’ll need to make demo videos and all that “marketing” crap i really don’t like..

Anyway. Initial release of the FYA Electronics Apiformis Fuzztortion is near. I’m quite happy, even though i can’t see that this effect would be for everyone due to it’s powerful but unique, vintage characteristics. Currently the price is setting at 155€, or $195 plus mailing expenses. Hope i don’t get any more surprise expenses, because that’s pretty much as high as i am willing to go. It’s already a bit high for my taste..

I do have couple of ideas for the next design that i’m figuring out at the moment. In the next 6-8 months i’m probably releasing a germanium fuzz and one mean overdrive. But i won’t promise anything yet. That’s it for now. I’ll be giving updates as i go along.


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