(12.10.2012) And not the effect one. I don’t think i’m in any hurry of releasing Apiformis. It should be out soon though. I should have already started to record demos and do other stuff, but as some sort of diy enthusiast, i have always enough projects unfinished. I just introduced myself to a world of AC by building myself Madamp G2 2W amplifier. It sounds amazingly good, as one can drive the tubes really hard in a soft way without bleeding ears and shattered glass. I still need to box it up, but i’m guessing that will become my main quick testing amplifier. I had the parts lying around for a few months, and i just never had extra free time to finish it. My main amp died a couple of weeks ago and i had to send it to the shop for service. What crap you Englishmen build! Only 24 years and already my amp needs service! So i had to use my Laney VC15-110 (with Marshall 4×12 cab) for rehearsals for two weeks. I’ve always been under the impression that 15W of raw tube power is enough for band setting and/or pub gigs. No it is not. At least it’s not if you’re playing punkrock with another band and ’82-style hardcore with the other. And to be honest, while VC15 sounds really good on higher bedroom volumes, it is quite ugly and brittle when you have to drive it to the edge. I’m getting my JCM800 head back in a few days, and i can’t believe how much i want to get back. Yeah. The first success with building G2 got me thinking.. I should probably set out to build my “dream amp” myself. Mainly because there are no “perfect” products available. I never understood the idea of having lots of EQ-controls on the amplifier. That’s basically like saying “hey, i think my design sounds so bad that you need to tweak for reasonable sound.” Plus, more features equals more things that can break. This is my personal and biased opinion, but the way i see it (and use my own amps) is that the amp is there to provide output power with the sound of tubes. If there’s a need for coloration, well, then we have stompboxes for that. Features i don’t want in my dream amp would be a) effect loop, b) EQ, c) Anything over one (1) channels. So it needs to be just preamp stage with 0dB and -6dB inputs and one “gain” contol. After that, there could be optional tube powered spring reverb section, and the last one, the main amplifier stage with two EL34s and one control – The Master Volume. Maybe if i wanted to do one as “deluxe model”, i could add one cap and pot to create simple tone control, but that only for “Deluxe”.That should pretty much be my dream amp. F versatility. As a guitarist, why would i want my amp to do hoops and sing the blues? No i don’t want that. I want one perfect , super  fat sound, that fits all guitars no matter what pickup configuration. Of course there are a few good, suitable products available as boutique amps. I’ve been thinking about those a lot, but i still think i should go for my own. If it turns out good enough, who knows.. I might even do more of those in the future too.

Back to the original issues. The Apiformis seems to be somewhat achilles heel to me. The boxes have been ready and signed for a month now, but still i don’t have any photos or sound clips. I’ll try to grab the horn by the bulls next week and get something done. Screw the packaging. I’m also contemplating about the final price of the boxes. I want to get rid of them, but i don’t want to suffer great losses, so i’m currently thinking ’bout 110€ for one. That shouldn’t be too much. Other thing i want to share about it.. Well. I’m still in a doubt weather it is any good. I can spend a week without touching one and the doubt creeps back up. Then i take one of the boxes and run it. After that i’ve always lost all feelings of doubt. It isn’t very versatile with about three good settings, but those do rock. It just feels solid. I’ve just added the work “dark” to the description and i guess i should add that it is pretty good with bass too as it doesn’t really cut the lower frequencies off. So in that perspective it is quite versatile.. I’ll just do the demos someday soon and let you decide.

For the future, i have two breadboards filled with soviet made germanium transistors in modded classic circuits. I can see that there is something white that is slowly fuzzing you to the death..

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