Apiformis out, Trixie/Fancy Fuzz and DCD coming up.

(08.11.2012) So i finally got Apiformis released. You could check the “creations” page for more info about it. In the time of writing, there are seven units available. I guess i should do some demos soon. With both guitar and bass. I also recalculated the costs, and i’m selling them for cheap. Anyway. That taken care of, i’ve spent lots of hours on the breadboard lately and i can now announce two upcoming circuits: First is JFET driven germanium fuzz circuit that is going to be “Trixie Malicious Fuzz” and “Fancy Chance Fuzz”. This is my first design to tribute series, for which i have no plans for whatsoever. We may have more tribute series boxes in the future, or we may not. We’ll just have to see about that. The reason why this circuit is going to be named after these two amazing ladies; well. They had a show at my hometown in september. We were hosting them and they are just unbelievably good company. We had a blast, and while i was driving them to the airport, we had a discussion about stompboxes (surprise, as if could talk about anything else anymore). I told them how i was working on Fuzzrite derivative that i was planning on naming the Ritual Tripper – because it’s really drone thing. Trixie just stated that i should call it TrixieFancy fuzz and it would be the greatest thing ever to have people stomping on the boxes with their faces on them. I thought about this conversation for a week. Then i wrote to the ladies asking if they would like me to do design for them. I got so many xs and os that you wouldn’t believe it. So i started breadboarding from the scratch, using original VOX Tonebender, Sola Tonebender mark3 and Arbiter Fuzz Face as a reference. I thought i nailed it after just three or four days. Basically it came out just as a modified mashup of those three with JFET driving the fuzz stage, but it was pretty noisy. So i did a few new rebuilds and tried on a few more things. After a week of using most of my free time on it, i can say that i truly nailed it. I build a prototype and it sounds great. I moved the fuzz control to control the level between JFET and fuzz stages, rather than just controlling the current getting to ground from second fuzz transistor’s emitter. Design is great and i’m actually pretty proud of it. It may not offer anything completely new, but hey! – There’s only so many ways you can wire a transistor up or make it a fuzz. These will be the Mojoest things ever. I’m still waiting for some special components to arrive, but i can reveal that there will be some MP38As, AC176s, huge PIO caps and superMojo EROs in there. Not to mention Kemet tantalums. Boxes will be white and once again hand painted by my spouse. Estimated time for release is somewhere around february/march 2013. These won’t come cheap due to superMojo construction with solid core wires, rean jacks, silver solder and obsolete audio (read Mojo) components. I’m still just happy that i started over and didn’t just create modded Fuzzrite.

The other one i’m calling DCD Preamp. May that abbreviation remain as a mystery, kinda like FYA. Basically it’s 2 stage JFET preamp, that offers slight fattening at unity to to tube-like overdrive with mild breakup. It doesn’t use clipping at all, so it can be used as a boost too. I created it to be one of those always-on boxes that just gives you little something extra for you base tone. Because it is fairly simple circuit, it got me wondering about doing variations of it. The first release of DCD will be just the base circuit, but after that.. I’ve already spent some time figuring it out. It will probably be DCD Preamp Deluxe. Basic two JFET clean boost/preamp with added amp-like tone stack – adding active bass and treble controls to the original circuit. Original DCD should be out around march/april. Maybe even sooner.

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