Going deluxe.

(20.12.2012)┬áCan’t give out any exact dates yet, but Trixie/Fancy fuzzes are coming along nicely. Also the DCD Preamp boards are finished, i’m just waiting for the boxes at the moment.

On other fronts, i’ve breadboarded it a lot and built a prototype. First Q2 2013 release will be DCD Preamp Deluxe. Based on the original JFET boost/drive/preamp circuit, the Deluxe version adds amp-like active bass and treble controls to the original. I’ve been thinking about DCD Preamp Deluxe 2 too. That would have another amplifier stage for addition boost after the tone controlled DCD Deluxe circuit. But. That has only been a though, and i have nothing on it yet :) Also. Thought about doing last and final DCD Preamp – The DCD Preamp Platinum. That would basically the “2”, but it should run internally on 18Vs from 9V supply for extended headroom. That last one may be a thing of Q3, as i’ve been also busy with experimenting on CMOS Hex Inverters and their powerful, yet ugly hisses. That experimentation is a work in progress. Oh. So i had nothing real to tell you this time. Take care and have a happy holidays.

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