apiformis fuzztortion

Apiformis Fuzztortion is a pedal that is quite unlike it’s original idol. In it’s heart, it is a dark low medium gain fuzz/distortion that has delusions of grandeur about being an overdrive. And it is doing all that with vintage-like touch, from doomy dark to brightly overdriven, distorted fuzz with vintage, medium sustain.

Apiformis has three controls for tuning the tone to your preferences:

FEED: Controls the load on the input (impedance). From dark, low saturation (0) to medium fuzz (5) and finally full sustained distortion-like fuzz (10). Lower settings can lead to oscillation, which is a feature.

Controls amount of higher frequencies boost on the tone. From dark, nearly muddy (0) to open higher mids (5) and finally to fully boosted top end (10).

Controls the output level of the effect. Level at zeron means that there is no signal passing through. Unity level with bypassed signal comes in with knob on ~11 o’clock. There is plenty of room for overdriving your amp with higher settings of Level control.

Notes: You will get some levels of noise when all the controls are maxed. And please, always run the pedal with a fresh battery or regulated power supply. Voltages under 7,5V (which means that the battery is running low) will result in muddy, dull sound.

  • Suitable for guitar and bass
  • Bypass: True Bypass design to prevent tone sucking
  • Power: 9V battery, or industry standard negative tip 2,1mm regulated power supply (not included, can be run with 9V – 12V)
  • Current consumption: ~ < 4mA
  • Quantity made: 9, Hand crafted and painted. Numbered edition.
  • Painted by artist Suvi Aarnio, all nine are different from each other.
  • Release date: 4.11.2012
  • Idol: Roland AF-100 “BeeBaa”

Sold out.

Downloads: Service manual

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