dcd preamp

To be realeased ~Q2 2013

DCD Preamp is simple box to add bacon fat to your sound. Base design with two JFETs guarantee stylish, tube-like preamp fat. With this shit your tube amp will have a new life that it didn’t know existed. Think of records like Andre Williams’ Jailbait and its slightly overdriven superfat clean guitar sounds.  Two controls, Preamp Volume and Master Volume can be used to tune the preamp from just slight margarine to super thick bacon grease that flys straight off the frying pan in broken hot drops that burn right trhough your skin!

In other words, it’s pretty clean, but it can be maxed to cause slight distortion – not completely unlike overdriven 5W tweed amp. Simple but effective. Like Mr. Lehtonen would put it: “It doesn’t do much, but it does just that f*in’ much.”

More information will be posted along the way. Pedals should be out around Q2 of 2013.

Check the preview demo:

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