trixie malicious / fancy chance fuzz

To be released sixth of february 2013

This fuzz is a mean, dirty and beautiful – The homage to two amazing burlesque performers.  It accomodates some features from the classics, yet it still can offer something that isn’t quite like what you would expect. On technical side, it is revamped 60’s germanium fuzz with JFET gain stage driving it. Only way to clean it up is to take your guitar’s volume to lower levels. From massive to glass shattering fuzz. Once again we have a privilege to present these boxes as painted uniquely by Suvi Aarnio. A few methods have been utilized to get the boxes look  and feel more like vintage artifacts. There’s enough headroom for any situation. Did i mention it sounds just huge?

Two controls to tune it:

Volume: From zero output to amp killing levels. Lots of sweep left after reaching unity.

Fuzz: This knob tunes the amount of fuzz in addition to volume. From creamy blast from the past to screaming fuzz.

  • Suitable for all electric guitars
  • Bypass: True Bypass design to prevent tone sucking
  • Power: 9V battery, or industry standard negative tip 2,1mm regulated 9V power supply (not included)
  • Current consumption: TBA
  • Operating temperature: 18 – 29 degrees Celsius (higher or lower ambient temperature can cause Ge transistors to malfunction)
  • Quantity made: 8, Hand crafted and painted. Numbered edition.
  • Painted by artist Suvi Aarnio, all eight are different from each other.
  • Release date: 06.02.2013

History and notes: “Here’s something cool! It’s the first pedal in “tribute series”. The same circuit is used in two different boxes, one for Trixie Malicious and one for  Miss Fancy Chance. Both being the most fabulous performers in the world.

I got to spend some time with these [can’t find sufficient adjective, so use thesaurus for AMAZING and pick any – it’ll be an understatement]  ladies, and Trixie came up with an idea. I should do a box with their names on it. I thought about it for a week, and wrote to them. Of f*king course i’ll do it. Breadboarded something like 20 different fuzz ideas, and came up with something that is a mashed Tonebender/FuzzFace/any-classic-fuzz with a few quirks. Must say that i’m pretty happy with the design.

Classically, it has two controls, one for amount of fuzz and other for adjusting the volume. It is loud. It’s constructed with the mojoest components on the planet. It’s a Fuzz. With capital F.”

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